Footnotes for Letters D1 - D5: Letters to Barry Yocum

Keep this reference page open as you read letters D1 - D5.

(1) Belton, Cass Co., Missouri.
(2) Susan Guthrie Moore Bryant
(3)The writer was one of Berry's cousins on his mother's side of the family  who lived in the Belton, Cass Co., Missouri area.
(4) Matthew Berry Yocum (1847-after 1920).
(5) Susan Guthrie Moore Bryant (1833-1895).
(6) Cumberland Presbyterian Church.
(7) Possibly Mike Connor (1843-?) or Mike Connor (1830-?) who both lived near Belton, Cass Co., Missouri. Possibly Michael Landers (1819-?) an Irish immigrant who had a farm in Pleasant Hill Township, Cass Co., Missouri.
(8) Probably Edith Doss Moore (1806-1887) Berry's grandmother who lived in Belton, Cass Co., Missouri.
(9) Martha Thurman Moore Yocum Bane (1826-1905). Berry s father, Matthew Yocum, died before 1840 and she married Clayton Bane in 1842.
(10) Probably Berry's half-brother, William S. Bane (1862-1951).
(11) Alta, Utah Territory.
(12) Lawrence, Douglas Co., Kansas is about 30 miles east of Belton, Cass Co., Missouri.
(13) Edith Bane West to Berry Yocum.
(14) Grippe or La grippe is a type of influenza, caused by a virus.
(15) Susan Guthrie Moore Bryant, Berry and Edith's aunt.
(16)Charlie West (after 1871-before 1875).
(17) Possibly diphtheria.
(18) Fred West (1863-1948) married Berry s half-sister Edith Bane in about 1891.
(19) Martha Thurman Moore Yocum  Bane(1826-1905) and Clayton Bane 1824-1899).
(20) Sarah Drucilla Moore (1832-1913), Edith s and Berry's aunt, was married to Perry Newton Grinter.
(21) America Drucilla (or Daniel) Moore (1835-?) was married to James Adam Burney.
(22) Kansas City, Jackson Co., Missouri was about 15 miles north of Belton, Cass Co., Missouri.
(23) Orphan's Home, founded in 1866 and originally called the Confederate Widows and Orphans Home. It was located about 2 miles south of Kansas City, Jackson Co., Missouri near Westport Road.  Beginning in 1854, Orphan Trains carried children from the eastern states to Kansas City and the mid-west where the children were adopted by local families.
(24) Edith Bane West (1867-?), Berry's half-sister. The West's moved to Baker Co., Oregon before 1910 then on to Emmet, Gem Co., Idaho by 1820. They had two children, Edith B. West, born about 1895 and a son Winifred West, born about 1901.
(25) The letter was written by Edith Bane West (1867-?) to her half-brother Matthew Berry Yocum (1847-after 1920)
(26) Susan Guthrie Moore Bryant (1833-1895)  She was Berry's mother's sister, married to A. Chapman Bryant (1827-1890). The Bryant's had no children.
(27) Fred West (1863-1948)
(28) Alexander Chapman Bryant (1827-1890)
(29) Charlie (after 1871-before 1875), Edith and Fred West's son.
(30) Travis T. Burney (1855-?) was a nephew of Aunt Sue.
(31) This letter was probably written by Susan H. Lindsay Bane (1862-1929), the wife of Berry's half-brother William S. Bane.
(32) Possibly Agnes Lucile Bane (1895-?), a daughter of Berry's half-brother, William S. Bane.
(33) Berry G. Bane (1892-?) a son of Berry's half-brother, William Bane.
(34) Martha Thurman Moore Yocum Bane (1826-1905)
(35) Edith Bane West (1867-?).  Edith and her husband Fred West had two children after their Little Charlie  died;  Edith B. West born in 1895 and a son, Winifred B. West born in 1901.
(36) William Oldham, the husband of Berry's aunt, Mary Ann Moore Oldham (1838-?)
(37) Luther T. Ferrell (1869-1904) was a son of Berry s aunt Louisa Elizabeth Bane and George W. Ferrill.. He died in July 1904 .
(38) Elizabeth R. Harris Ferrell (1874-?)

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