Footnotes for Letters 1 - 3: 1849 – 1852 Revised 6/2006

Keep this reference page open as you read letters 1-3.

1. Albuquerque, in present day New Mexico.
2. James B. Yager (1809-1883) of Blue Twsp., Jackson Co., Missouri was John S. Watts’ brother-in-law, married to his wife’s sister, Mary J. Berry .
3. Elizabeth Ewing Berry Yocum Watts (1795-1876) of Cass Co., Missouri, John S. Watts’ wife.
4. Santa Fe, New Mexico
5. Lafayette Co., Missouri
6. John S. Watts, Jr. (1827-after1995). His mother was Mary Schooling, John S. Watts’ first wife.
7. Hugh H. Hamilton (1823-1883). His sister was married to John S. Watts' wife's brother, Richard C. Berry. Hugh was a successful gold miner. When Richard and Rebecca Berry migrated to California in 1864 they all went to Half Moon Bay where they farmed but not liking the area bought farms in the Kings River area of Tulare Co., California. Hugh Hamilton bought a ranch in the Yokohl Valley. "Mr. Big, Hugh Hamilton came to the Exeter area during the Gold Rush days in a Covered Wagon with $20,000 worth of gold. With the money he purchased 1,200 acres of land." Farmersville (CA) Herald, 10 June 1981.

8. Linville Hays (1821-after 1896) of Westport, Jackson Co., Missouri. Linville left Missouri for California in the Spring of 1849 in a party led by his father Boone Hays. They followed the Oregon Trail across the plains.
9. The Boys are probably John S. Watts’ sons, Dewitt Clinton Watts and Cleon Bolivar Watts. Jesse Yocum, Elizabeth Watts’ son may have been with this group.
10. Rio Grande
11. Socorro, New Mexico
12. Might be Samuel H. Berry (1815-?), Elizabeth Watts’ brother. His wife was Eliza Wells (1818-?).
13. May be the John Reddick listed in the 1860 San Jose, Santa Clara Co., CA Census, born about 1793 in Kentucky.
14. Alexander Jackson Majors (1814-1900) of Kansas City, Missouri. A partner in the freighting company of Waddel, Majors and Russell, he also had a meat packing company in Westport, Missouri.
15. Isthmus of Panama. Ships sailing from San Francisco, California would take passengers to Panama City, where they would ride mules across the mountain to Gorgona and then travel by boat down the Chagres River to Chagres. It was a difficult and dangerous journey.
16. New Orleans, Louisiana
17. William Russel Watts (1789-1875) of Washington Co., Kentucky, John S. Watts’ brother.
18. John S. Watts (1787-1860)
19. Probably William Russell Watts, Jr (1836-1925)
20. San Francisco, California. In 1849 this was the only post office for the miners in the gold country. There was no mail delivery. Anyone desiring mail would go in person or hire someone to get their mail in San Francisco.
21. Mexicans

Letter 1a

1a. Letter written by Judge Joseph Schooling to his niece Martha Dickerson, daughter of his half-brother John H. Schooling. Used by permission of Howard Edward Boswell from his book “Descendents of Francis Schooling” 2002, page 9.
2a. Niece. Martha A. Schooling Dickerson (1821-?) was the wife of Beverly James Dickerson, Jr., John S. Watts’ nephew.
3a. Margaret Wilson Schooling (1801-1864)
John H. Schooling 1793-1845), Joseph’s half-brother
5a. Robert Schooling (1787-1863), Joseph’s half-brother.
William Logan Schooling (1816-1850). Robert Schooling’s son-in-law’s were Samuel E. Rowland and Thomas Clelland Rowland.
7a. Reuben Newton Ireland (1815-1852) the husbnd of Ruana Schooling (1815-1899)
8a. William Russell Watts or his son William Russell Watts, Jr. , brother and nephew of John S. Watts.
9a. Beverly J. R. Dickerson (1820-1863) Martha’s husband and nephew of John S. Watts. They lived in Washington Co., Kentucky.
10a. James P. Schooling (1798-after 1850). He lived in Marion Co., Kentucky.
11a. Mary Hardwick Schooling (1766-after 1850)
12a. Judge Joseph Schooling (1782-Dec 1850). The only child of his father’s first marriage, he was a surveyor for Daniel Boone; in Indiana he served as County judge, State Representative and State Senator; in Lawrence Co., Missouri he served as a Justice and Probate Judge. He was a veteran of the War of 1812.
13a. Jane McKitrick Schooling (1794-after 1850)

Letter 2
22. Cold Springs, El Dorado Co., California, a mining camp to the east of Coloma in the Sierra Nevada foothills.
23. The area of northern Cass and southern Jackson Counties , Missouri, south of Kansas City.
24. Probably Susan Chiles Riggs (1793-1868) the wife of Samuel Riggs who lived in Jackson Co., Missouri in the 1840’s.
25. William Hudson Mitchell (1804-?) who was married to Margaret’s cousin Mary Head Berry (1801-1899)
26. Ships on the Sacramento River.
27. Margaret Jane Watts (1836-1923) of Cass Co., Missouri, John S. Watts Jr.’s half-sister.
28. Dewitt Clinton Watts (1829-?) his brother
29. Cleon Bolivar Watts (1831-?) his brother
30. Andrew Jackson Watts (1838-1894) of Cass Co., Missouri, his half-brother
31. Mariah C. Duncan (1835-?). The Duncans were neighbors of the Watts in Cass Co., Missouri. Mariah married a physician, George W. Browing 11 Dec 1851 in Cass Co., Missouri.
32. Yuba River
33. Elizabeth Ewing Berry Yocum Watts (1795-1876) his step-mother
34. John S. Watts (1787-1860) his father
35. Letty Stubblefield Watts (1821-1910), his sister and her husband, George Washington Rowland (1816-1872) of Cass Co., Missouri.
36. A Post Office opened in Sacramento, California in November 1849.
37. Richard C. Berry (1810-1878), a brother of his stepmother, Elizabeth Watts.
38. John S. Watts, Jr. (1827-after 1901)

Letter 3
39. John S. and Elizabeth Watts
40. Probably Dr. Micajah Pendleton (1797-before 1880) He was a cousin of Margaret’s mother who had been a neighbor of John S. Watts in Washington Co., Kentucky.
41. John Nathan Hays (1854-1918)
42. Nathan Simpson was a friend of Upton Hays, Margaret’s husband.
43. Upton Hays (1831-1862)
44. Albuquerque, New Mexico
45. Richard Crump (1828-1900), Upton’s nephew, and his wife Eliza Jane Hornbuckle (1828-?).
46. Mary Cunningham
47. Amazon Hays (1820-?), Margaret’s brother-in-law, was married to Mary J. (Pap) Berry (1823-1901), her cousin.
48. Santa Fe, New Mexico
49. Amazon’s wife Mary B. Berry Hays (1823-1901), a daughter of Margaret’s uncle Caleb Ewing Berry.
50. James B. Yager (1809-1883) was married to Mary J. Berry, Margaret’s aunt.
51. James Josiah Webb (1818-1889) Webb and his partner John M. Kingbury had a large trading business in Santa Fe, New Mexico from 1844 to 1861. (
52. Samuel Hays (1824-1872), Upton’s brother.
53. Rebecca Berry Hays (1828-1873), Samuel Hays’ wife and a daughter of Margaret’s uncle Caleb Ewing Berry.
54. Mary J. Berry Yager (1812-1883), Elizabeth Watts’ sister.
55. Mary Rachel Yager (1844-?), Margaret's cousin.
56. Louisa Catherine Yager (1849-after 1930), Margaret's cousin.
57. Richard Francis Yager (1839-1864), Margaret's cousin.
John Berry (1803-1854)
59. Lt. James T. Berry (1833-1891?) served in the Union Army in the Civil War.
60. Westminister College, Westminister, Missouri.
61. Caleb Ewing Berry (1831-1861), Margaret's cousin.
62. Sgt. Robert M. Berry (1836-1902), John D. Berry, Jr. (1843-1902), Samuel Berry (1849-?)
63. Margaret Galbreath Berry (1813-before 1880), John Berry’s widow.
64. Caleb Ewing Berry (1801-1883)
65. Virginia Fulkerson Berry (1804-1877)
66. Edward Gaither Berry (1807-1905)
67. Trachoma, an infection of the eyes, could cause blindness.
68. Samuel H. Berry (1815-?)
69. Margaret A. Berry (1852-?) and Mitchel Berry (1854-?)
70. John A. Burt (1801-1854) was married to Bathsheba V. Fulkerson, a sister of Uncle Caleb’s wife.
71. The children of John Burt were: Louisa (1827), Margaret (1831), Isaac (1834), T. (1836), Mary (1838), Sam (1840), Emily A. (1842), Rebecca (1845) and Martha (1847)
72. Isaac Burt (1834-?) , a son of John A. Burt and Bathsheba Fulkerson Burt.
73. Isaac Berry (1832-1928)
74. Bryan French (1826-?)
75. Bathsheba V. Fulkerson Burt (1808-?)
76. Callaway Co., Missouri
77. Elizabeth Ewing Berry Yocum Watts (1795-1876) and John S. Watts (1787-1860)
78. John, Jr., Cleon, Dewitt and Andrew Jackson Watts in Mariposa Co., California
79. Margaret Jane Watts Hays (1836-1923) was born in Kentucky. Her family moved to Van Buren (Cass) Co., Missouri in 1838. She married Upton Hays 4 Feb 1852 in Jackson Co., Missouri.

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