Letter 91

At Home Feb 24th,1886
Mrs Mag Overstreet (1)
Dear Aunt Mag
I received your highly appreciated letter yesterday and you dont know how much I appreciate a letter from you. I was sorry to hear that Boon (2) had left. Aunt Mag I wish you would write and tell me all about Boon. I know he must be wild but I wish you would tell me if he drinks. We are all just tolerable well but I dont think I ever heard of as much sickness as there is now. Uncle Sams (3) children are all very well except for Ella (4) , you know she is insane and is at the Asylum at St Joe (5) . I suppose Amazon (6) has told you all the particulars and "Marie" (7) the youngest sister the doctors are afraid she is going into consumption. Jennie (8) lives here in town, she has one child, a little girl (9) . Fred (10) is married and lives down in the country by Mollie Lobbs. Aunt I guess I will tell you a little about our family. Sophia (11) lives here in town and has got one of the meanest men under the sun for a husband. She ought to have killed him long time ago. She has two very sweet children, a girl and a boy, the girls name is Beulah and the boys Hays (12) . Fannie (13) lives in St Charles Co, she has a good kind husband, are well fixed and have four children (14) . Linville (15) is in Fort Worth Texas railroading, and next comes myself called the scrub of the family although I weigh 148 pounds & has a white head, I will send you a lock of my hair. Aunt Mag I dont expect you can read this letter but you must excuse it this time for I have been to a dance four night and now I am so tired and nervous I can scarcely hold the pen. Well I must close for I am so sleepy. Write soon and often. Love for all and lots for yourself
Anna H. (16)  


Letter 92

Mr Joe Whiteside(17)
Lemoore (18) feb 2 [about 1887]
Dear Sir i take the pleasure of writing to you(19) and cosin Jimmie (2o) find out how all the folks are and if they are all well. i did not get to come down to see you all as i would have don if i had have time, i started very sudenly. Well Joe i found old Farther (21) verry poorly but he is mutch beter and can set up som. Cosin Jimmie would not know this country, the streets are laid of clare out to the old place and in the spring thire will be a street care road bilt out to the old waldo place and the Fare grouns will be out thire. land out thire is worth one thousand Dollars an acher, all the old folks have left the country and new ones come in all strangers to me. i have had a fine time sence i come home, i went a slay riding the other day and i only got home with the tung out of the slay (22) , that was prety good. Well Jo are you agoing to run the place over to huron (23) next spring, i would like to get a job with you if you do i will start back to that country the first of next month. Well Jo i have got two of the finest Girls i ever seen, i do not know but what i might have to leve the country before i think of it if i keep doing as i have bin, the best boy sence i come home, i go to church ever time thire is eney. I also went to Kansas City the other day, i was a hundred and thirty, come home well pleased. Jo give all my regard and Uncel Bill and Aunt Mag my best regards, i hope you will answer this letter soon, let me know here about sheep sobering (24) if you are going to run the place, i would like to work for you. All the folks are well but Jim Hays (25) he got his leg broke but is geting along all right, i will close hoping to from you and Cousin Jennie soon, i remain yours as ever
Boon Hays (26)
Eada Buckhaming and Aunt Marry Cunningham sends thire regards to Elfleda and Jenney and Aunt Mag, you must write to me with out fale. Annie (27) got married, i supose you herd that.


Letter 93

Westport, Mo.
Dec the 21,1887
Mrs Magg Overstreet
Dear Sister
I will try and write
you a few lines this morning. We are all well at present, we are having some very cold weather now, we had a very hard snow storm last tues. Mr Jesse Thomas died very sudden on the 12 Inst, he went to bed as usual & was dead by 8 0 clock. Mr Hays
(28) saw Henry Harper (29) yesterday, he has that note of Stapletons, said he would give Mr Hays a copy of the note, there has been eight hundred dollars drawed on the note. Did you ever get anything on the note. George Bryant (30) said a copy woudent do you any good. Says he recolects of seeing the note with Sams papers. We think you had better come. Henry dont want Sams Children to know anything about it, he has kept the note untill he thinks it worthless but there is nothing like trying. I would be so glad to have you visit us. Dave & Ad Self went to Cal soon after we got back, was gone two months. Said they would of gone to seen you & Alfred (31) if they had of known where you lived. Mr Hays went to Chicago last week to see Guss Bysum (32) , had a very nice visit. Guss gave him a nice silver watch & chain, wanted to give him a gold one but he woudent except it. Said a silver one was good enough for him. Guss gave him some nice pictures, one the picture of his house. He is said to bee worth two million & a half. I will close for this time hoping to see you soon. Much love to you all anquiring friends. I remain your Sister, write Soon
Laurinda W. Hays
Mr Hays said that money was drawn on the note in 1862,
write as soon as you get this.
Westport Mo


Letter 94

Jan 9th 1888
Dearest Dear Aunt Mag & Uncle Will (34) ,
It has been so long since I have seen any of you, I hardly would know how to write at all but Pa has talked so much about you all since he was there. It has renewed old thoughts & memories tell it seems but yesterday since I saw you and oh how I long to see you all once more. Pa's health is better now than it has been for five years, he weighs one hundred and seventy Ibs, more than he has weighed in a long time. Aunt Mag I weigh one hundred seventy five Ibs and Pa (35) says he thinks I will go two hundred before I stop. Ana is real well & hapy. She has all the work she can possible do. Eda is still with us though is very much in love with a man and if he dont object they will marry. My babies are better now though have been quite sick for two weeks. Uncle Linville's family are all well. Brother Jimmie (36) is with us tonight for supper and also his seventeen year old boy (37) . Aunt Marium (38) is living here in W.P. (39) & Jim Rout (40) & Jennie Asburrys little girl (41) lives with her. Jennies girl boards there & goes to school & Jim makes that his home. Cousin Ag (42) is keeping boarders in Kansas City and doing very well. Cousin Ag is like myself. She gets an awful strong notion sometimes of going to California. When my children get larger I am sure to come too. Sister Fannie (43) has a good husband, a nice home and four children, her oldest boy is twelve yrs old. Annie (44) has a very good husband and she will soon be a mother. Aunt Mag, Pa had his & Ma's (45) picture taken for you and will send them by express to morrow, the ones that are framed are for you, then I mark the ones for Aunt Nan (46) and Aunt Annie (47) . We will send them all to you, then you please send them to the others as we think that is the safest way. Aunt Mag do you remember Dr Parker, he is our nearest neighbor and his wife used as much whisky & morphine as ever but sill quite pretty. We had a letter today from Aunt Bettie Berry. She wrote us Uncle Frank Chick (48) was [rest of letter lost]


Letter 95

Westport, Mo.
Feb. 19,1888
Mrs. Mag Overstreet
Dear Sister
I will try and write you a few lines this morning. I received your letter in due time and was so glad to hear from you all. I could have written sooner but was trying to hear something more about the note. The Judge would not give up the note unless Sams Children would sign their names. Mr H.
(50) got a copy of the note, took it to Am (51) and he thought the Children would sign it. He sent it to them but they would not sign it. Mr H. told Amazon to write you about it. He may have done so before now. Polly was right sick yesterday. Mr H. has gone to church this morning, had a good rain last night and is still raining some this morning. Jim and Tempie (52) are going to move soon on the other side of old Majors (53) farm and I will feel quite lonely for a while. I would be so glad to have you visit us. Mr H. still talks of going to Calif, but I dont think we will go any ways soon as he seems to be making preparations to stay here.
(54) has gone back to Texas, started last monday week. We got a letter from him yesterday, he got throug all safe. Mag Mc had quit keeping boarding house. I fear she dident make much. Marium (55) is still living at her home in Westport. Jim Rout (56) lives with her, he buys all of their groceies and she boards Aggie Asbury (57) , she gets her board clear so I think she is doing very well this winter. I have never been content with my house since I came back from Calif. I tell Mr H. I have caught that from him. I think of you all so much and would like so much to see you all again - it seems more like old times to me when I think of being in Calif, with you all. I enjoyed myself so much while there, if I was sick some. You said that Christmas was the sadest time with you. Never can I forget the Christmas eve before the war we all past at your house, every Xmas that pleasant time passes through my mind. I often think how our Children enjoyed themselves that night.
Jan the 20,1888
A beautiful sunshiney morning, all well as usual. Polly is better. They have brought Ella
(58) home to die. She may be dead by this time. She has consumption (59) , seems to be at herself now, poor girl, what a sad, sad life her married life has been. Foster Asbury (60) still has them spells, Jennie says he has them about once a week but they are getting lighter. John & Willie Davis went to Calif, this winter, have they called on you. I am looking for Mag Mc out this week. Tell Claud (61) to look out for Farm & Fireside paper (62) soon. I will close as I cant think of anything else to write. Write soon & often. Much love to you all and all enguiring friends from your ever loving Sister
Laurenda W. Hays

Letter 96

Westport 2-26-1888
Dearest Aunt (63)
We received your very welcome letter several days ago but I have been real busy & Ma (64) has been sick for two weeks, part of the time not able to sit up but is very much better today. Pa (65) for several days has been quite poorly, but no wonder, the weather has been dreadful. It has blowed & snowed all day. My babies (66) are real well for the first time this winter.
Tempie was in yesterday. Eve & I went home with her. They are all very well except colds. Aunt Rinda (67) & Jimmie (68) wants to come to Cal again but Uncle Lin is out of the notion. Cousin Ag (69) stayed two or three days with us last week. She has given up her boarders. I dont know what she next will do, Jim Rout (70) bought a lot off of Aunt Mariums (71) lot & built him a nice little Cotage that brings him fifteen dollars per month. Brother Jim is living in Westport, he has three nice boys, his oldest is seventeen, the second is fourteen & the baby is three (72) .
I hear from Aunt Bettie regular. Uncle Ike (73) is living with her & keeping Butcher Shop. He weighs over two hundred Lbs. I or rather Ma had a letter from Aunt Annies (74) little Lemma (75) last week. I enjoy getting letters from any relations more than anyone I know, but I am so negligent about ans. I know they think I dont care to hear. Aunt Mag Pa will send you some buisness papers in my letter. Be sure & write soon & tell the girls I would like very much to hear from any of them. I have not forgotten our good old times neither have I our near relationship and Aunt I never can thank you enough for your kindness to dear old Pa while he was out with you. There is scarcely a day but he can tell of something you all did for him. Love to all, kiss brother Boon (76) & Uncle Will for me, all join me in love to all, write soon & often.
Lovingly your Neice
Soph (77)


Letter 97

Colton, California (78) June 8, 1888
Mr. Robert M. Berry (79)
Dear Papa,
I seat myself this Morning to answer your leter and would have answered before but waiting to receive the Morse (paper damaged) –arrd but didn’t get it until this Morning. James (80) went down this morning and got it and we also received Your Telegrame last Night and was so glad to here that you was well. We are all well except Mamma (81) she has her spells every once in A while. We have got the chills stoped, the Dr. says she is getting along alright and she would have those weak spells anyhow. Mama sais she is glad you are having A prospect of selling our things and hope you will soon be home. She sais she is getting ancious to tell you the time seems long to her. You must write often. How is Aunt Ida (82) folks tell her she must write to us. Mitchel (83) come in the other evening and said when is Papa coming down. I will come to a close, they all join me in much love to (you).
Your loving daughter
Annie B. Berry (84)
Colton, California June 8th 1888
Mr. R. M. Berry
Dear Papa
We have been waiting and waiting for a letter from you Until Mama got nervous about you and she got me to write to see that we could hear from you. We are all well and Mama has been having the chills but the Dr. has about got them stoped on her. She can sit up of a morning. We received your Telegram but it had been in the office all day and night before we got it and was Thankful to hear that you got there safe. Mama fears that you are sick the reason you didn’t write
There is no reason(?) to write but that.
Aunt Martha got a letter from Aunt Ollers they were all well. I will come to a close by asking you to write soon as we can hear from you. They all join me in much love to.
From your loving daughter
Bell Berry (85)


Letter 98

Cass Co. Belton Mo. Feb 20/90
Mrs Mag J. Overstreet
Lemoore Tulare Co.Cal.
Dear Sister
After some delay we will try to drop you a fiew lines in answer to you very kind & welcome letter of Dec the 18 last which was duely received and read with interest but owing to sicknefs and other hinderances has not ben answered until now. We were very much disappointed at not seeing you any more after you & Cousin Laurinda
(87) left here but such is life you know, we are destined to meet many disappointments We were glad to hear that you had gotten home safely and that you found your Family well.
We have had a very mild soft winter here, and lots of sicknefs, there was more sicknefs here during the month of January than I ever saw or heard of in the same length of time since we have known the country. The principal trouble was what is called La Grippe or influenza; it comes on with cold & generally with a chill. Jennie
(88) was taken down the 1st of January and has not been out of the house since but has been up & around in the house for several days & I was poorly for about three weeks in the time myself. We are both in about usual health now for which we are very thankfull.
I saw Willie Bane
(89) yesterday and he told me that they were all well as common & that his Papa & Mama (90) were having better health this winter than usual, at least for several winters past. You remember that Cousin Lizie Berry (91) was in Arkensas when you were here? She regretted not being here to see you very much and requested me to give you her love when writting you. She, Cousin Lizie, has been sick this winter but she is about as well as usual now. William Yocum (92) and his little family are in about usual health. Will was just ready to come up to see you when you were here but one of his daughters – Bertha (93) I believe was taken sick and he (Will) could not leave home. Will was terribly disappointed for he thinks a great deal of his Aunt Mag.
Well Mag you will remember that when you were here that young John Lamar
(94) was paying his addrefs to a widow Lady in Harrisonville (95) by the name of Greenleaf? (96) Well he maried her and brought her home last tuesday and yesterday they had quite a jubilee at old Uncle Johnie Lamar's (97) , the Old Gentleman & Old Lady were cellebrating the 50th aniversary of their mariage while at the same time & place they was cellebrating the first aniversary of their son John's mariage. Ed West & Matie (98) & Family, Lucinda Muir (99) and Family are well, Chap Briant & Sue (100) & all the Friends are well so fare as we know. There is no news of local interest affloat here except there is considerable talk of another Rail-Road west of Belton, they have been surveying nearly all winter, I believe they call it the Monette Branch of the Frisco or Kansas City, Nevada & Ft Smith Road.
Have you seen Duke Lipscomb
(101) since you got home? If so how is he & Family? this leaves us in about usual health and hoping it may find yours well, prosperous and happy. We must hasten to a close as it is growing late & my eye is about to give out. Jennie joins me in sending lots of love to you and all of your Family. Write soon and often, we remain as ever youre affectionate Brother and Sister
Wm N. & J. Young


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1886 - 1890

Letters 91- 98



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