Footnotes for Letters 54 - 60: 1861 -1865 - The Civil War Years (Revised 9/2006)

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Letter 54
1. Linville Hays
2. Nebraska
3. Jackson Co., Missouri
4. the Missouri River ice
5. freighting
6. Amazon Hays
7. James B. Yager
8. Dewitt Clinton Watts, Margaret’s half-brother.
9. Rachel Yager and Henry Harper, Margaret’s niece and husband.
10. Jane Upton Hays
11. Mary B. Berry Hays

Letter 55

12. Dewitt Clinton Watts (1829-?) was Margaret’s half-brother who lived in Contra Costa Co., California near Rev. Cornelius (Nely) Yager.

13. John S. Watts, Jr.

14. Amazon Hays

15. Bands of Confederate irregular soldiers and Confederate supporters.

16. Missouri

17. James B. Yager

18. Rev. Cornelius Yager, Uncle Jemmy’s brother.

19. Richard C. Berry and wife, Rachel Hamilton Berry. Their children were Robert Hugh, Mary Jane and Charles Richard Berry.

20. Charles Hamilton

21. Hugh Hamilton, Charles Hamilton’s son in California.

22. John Edward Berry, Uncle Dick’s son

23. Alton, Illinois where Confederate prisoners were confined.

24. James Samuel Berry, Uncle Dick’s son.

25. The Siege of Vicksburg, Mississippi ended on 4 July 1863 with the surrender of the Confederate troops to  General Ulysses Grant’s Union army. The Confederates who surrendered were paroled.

26. Letty Watts Rowland

27. William Russell Watts (1789-1875) lived in Washington Co., Kentucky.

28. Beverly James Dickerson (1820-1863)

29. Elizabeth Watts

30. Jane Upton Hays

31. Andrew Jackson Watts

Letter 56

32. Dewitt Clinton Watts

33. Wade Hays lived in Contra Costa Co., California

34. Boise River in Idaho Territory. Gold was discovered there in 1862 and by 1864 the population had jumped to more than 6000. More gold was taken from the Boise Basin than from the California or Yukon Gold Rushes. This rich strike helped finance the Union during the last years of the civil War.

35. knows

36. Richard C. Berry

37. Andrew Jackson Watts

38. Caleb Ewing Berry

39. Virginia Fulkerson Berry

40. Mary B. Berry Hays

41. Amazon Hays

Letter 57

42. Dewitt Clinton Watts

43. William Clarke Quantrill

44. Jackson Co., Missouri

45. Henry and Rachel Yager Harper

46. James B. Yager

47. James B. Yager had been accused of being a member of the Knights of the Golden Circle and was imprisoned in Gratiot Street Prison in St. Louis. He paid $1000 bond and was paroled  in June 1864 to Calliway Co., Missouri until his trial. There is no record of the trial being held.

48. Mary B. Berry Yager

49. Phebe Stevens Hays

50. Union troops

51. Richard C. Berry

52. Virginia Fulkerson Berry

53. Jane Upton Hays

Letter 58

54. Richard Berry (1769-1843) grandfather

55. Mary Ewing Berry (1774-1829) 

56. Edward Gaither Berry

57. Richard Francis Yager

58. There were Civil War engagements at Arrow Rock, Missouri on 13 October 1863 and 20 July 1864.

59. “Dick” Yager (Yeager) was killed 1 Aug 1864

60. Martha Muir Yager

61. Samuel McMurtry (1842-1864)

62. Boone Co., Missouri

63. Howard Co., Missouri

64. Eliza Watts Dickerson

65. Mary Elizabeth Hays

66. Elfleda Hays

67. Jane Upton Hays

68. John Nathan Hays

69. John Edward Berry

70. Samuel H. Berry

71. Ft. Delaware was a Civil War prison located on an island in the Delaware River between the states of Delaware and New Jersey.

72. Eliza M. Wells Berry (1818-?)

Letter 59

73. Price’s Raid into Missouri. General Price of the Confederate Army tried to drive the Union Army out of Missouri. He led his army into southeastern Missouri in September 1864 and had progressed north to the Missouri River before the Union could organize their armies and militia to oppose his army. Threatened by large Union forces, Price was forced west along the Missouri River and was defeated at Independence, Jackson Co. He retreated into Kansas, then into Indian Territory and Texas.                                                                                                   

74. Linville Hays joined the Confederate Army in 1864 and was elected 1st. Lieutenant in Capt. Milton Scholl’s Company. Linville took part in Price's Raid into Missouri, then went to Texas with Capt. Williams Regiment.

75. James B. Yager

76. Robert Mitchell Berry

77. Emily Scholl Berry (1833-1905)

78. Gen. Stirling Price, CSA

79. Caleb Ewing Berry

Letter 60

80. General Order ?

81. James Samuel Berry

82. Louisa Catherine Yager

83. Jane Bowlar Yocum Young (1827- before 1880)  and her son William J. Yocum (1850- after 1917)

84. Little Santa Fe, Jackson Co., Missouri

85. Caleb Ewing Berry   (1801-1883)

86. Laurenda Halloway Hays

87. Phebe Stevens Hays

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