Footnotes for Letters 45 - 53: 1861 -1865 - The Civil War Years (Revised 9/2006)

Keep this reference page open as you read letters 45 - 53.

Letter 45

1. Elizabeth Berry Watts to Margaret Watts Hays
Andrew Jackson Watts had a ranch on Pea Ridge south of Mariposa.

Letter 46

3.  Cousins of Upton Hays who were cattlemen in Contra Costa Co., California

4.  Phebe Stevens Hays

Letter 47


5. James B. Yager

6. Linville Hays

7. Eliza Dickerson

8. Union Prisoner of War camp at Alton, Illinois

9. Warrington C. Dickerson (1834-1914)  served in the Confederate Army in Poindexter’s Cavalry Regiment.

10. John B. Dickerson (1842-after 1930) served in Poindexter’s Regiment and also Quantrill’s Guerillas.

11. Eliza C. Dickerson sons James Marion (1834-before 1880), Grant W. (1846-?) and Paul  (1843-?) also served in the Confederate Army. Paul Dickerson served with Quantrill’s Guerilla’s.

12. John Edward Berry, Margaret’s nephew.

13. James Samuel Bery, Margaret’s nephew.

14. General Thomas Carmichael Hindman, CSA

15. Richard C. Berry

16. Thomas A. and Travis T. Yocum, Margaret’s nephews.

17. George W. and Letty S. Rowland, Margaret’s sister and brother-in-law.

18. James B. Yager and his daughter, Rachel Yager (1844- after 1880). Judge Yager was imprisoned in Gratiot Street Prison in St. Louis, Missouri about this time. He was accused of being a member of the Knights of the Golden Circle, a secret Confederate organization which he denied. (see Westport Historical Quarterly, “Quantrill’s Man by E. B. Thurston, 1968)

19. Richard Samuel Kimberlin

20. Mary Berry Yager

Letter 48

21. Richard D. Berry (1809-1863). He was killed by “Kansas Marauders”  according to his wife’s obituary.

22. James B. Yager

23. Dr. Micajah Pendleton

24. Peter Louis Utz

25. Mary Berry Yager

26. Callaway Co., Missouri

27. by steamboat on the Missouri River.

28. Mariam Hays McMurtry, Upton’s sister.

29. Cumberland Presbyterian minister

30. Gerlispe - Gillespie

31. Rev. Cornelius Yager in California or Nevada

32. The mail and passengers were carried by stagecoach to California.

33. Richard Francis Yager

34. Richard Berry (1835-?) son of Caleb Ewing Berry


Letter 49

35. Iowa

36. James A. Vaughn joined Quantrill’s Partisan Rangers (Confederate) in December 1861. He was captured and hung 29. May 1863 at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas.

37. Tom Vaughn (1848-1862) rode with Quantrill’s Guerilla’s

38.3 Daniel Vaughn (1841-?)

39. He was hiding out and probably joined the Confederate guerillas.

40. Martha Jane Vaughn Lindsy (1845-?)

41. Margaret Vaughn (1848-?)

42. Mary Vaughn (1817 - ?) her husband was Josiah Vaughn (1810-?) and they lived in New Santa Fe, Jackson Co., MO

43. Elizabeth Ramsey Berry the widow of Richard D. Berry

44. William Frank Berry (1840-1865?). Elizabeth and Richard D. Berry’s son. he was presumed to have been killed while hiding out. His body was never found. 

45. James B. Yager

46. Robert Mitchell Berry in Callaway Co., Missouri

47. Caleb Ewing Berry

48. Richard Berry and his brother Isaac (Ike) Berry were both with Quantrill’s Guerillas

49. Peter Louis Utz

50. Laurinda Holloway Hays

51. Jane Upton Hays

52. Elfleda Hays

53. Letty Rowland

54. Rev. Cornelius Yager


Letter 50


56. Confederate Guerillas

57. Linville Hays

58. Union troops

59. This was probably an encounter between some of George Todd’s Guerillas and  a 9th Kansas Cavalry (Union) patrol, 17 June 1863.  (Thanks to Bruce Nichol’s information on the Civil War in Missouri Message Board) George W. Todd joined Quantrill’s guerillas in January 1862 and led his own band. He was killed near Independence, Missouri in 1864

60. Mary B. Berry Hays (1823-1901) Margaret’s cousin and sister-in-law

61. Amazon Hays’ wife

62. White folk refers to the people who supported the Southern way of life, including slavery, as opposed to Black Republicans who were loyal to the Union.

63. Richard C. Berry

64. Edward Gathier Berry in Callaway Co., Missouri

65 John Edward Berry

66. James Samuel Berry

Letter 51

67. Samuel H. Berry (1815-?)

68. Richard C. and Mary Rebecca Hamilton Berry (1813-1900)

69. Edward Gaither Berry and his wife Sally Ann Galbreth (1810-1867)

70. John W. Berry (1835-1863

71. Amazon Hays

72. John Edward Berry

73. John Bunyan Rowland was in the Union Army

74. James Samuel Berry

75. Caleb Ewing Berry

76. Van Hays


Letter 52

77. Eliza Watts Dickerson lived in Fayette, Howard Co., Missouri

78. Nancy Watts Dickerson (1779-after 1863) lived in Kentucky.

79. Aunt Nancy’s son Beverly James Dickerson, Jr. (1820-1863) was the Marshal of Franklin, Johnson Co., Indiana. He was killed while waiting in a train station in Franklin. He was a witness in a lawsuit in Louisville, Kentucky.

80. Aunt Nancy’s daughter Eliza Dickerson Kimberlin (1814-1895) was the widow of  Richard Samuel “Sam” Kimberlin

81. Howard Co., Missouri

82. Jordan R. Lowe (1819- after 1880)

83. Amazon and Mary B. Berry Hays

84. Elizabeth Ramsey Berry

85. General Shelby, CSA

86. James B. Yager

87.  Rev. Cornelius Yager

88.  Richard C. and Mary Rebecca Hamilton Berry

89. Charles Hamilton (1787-1881)

90. Hugh Hamilton was in California

91. Wade Hays

92. John S. Watts, Jr.


Letter 53

93. Samuel H. Berry

94. Mary Boone Hays Hughes (1829-1872)

95. Elenor Hays Chick (1818-1896)

96. beds

97. Amazon Hays

98. John Edward Berry

99. Richard C. Berry

100. Hugh Hamilton (1822-1883)

101.  Mary Rachel Yager

102. Henry Harper (1835-?)


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