Footnotes for Letters 4 - 9: 1856 – 1857  Revised 6/2006

Keep this reference page open as you read letters 4 - 9.

Letter 4

1. John S. and Elizabeth Watts
2. tuberculosis
3. John's cousin Van Daniel Hays (1852-?) the son of Linville and Laurinda Holloway Hays. Van’s grandfather was Gregory Holloway, Sr. (1764-?) who lived in Kaw Township, Jackson Co., Missouri.
4. Letty S. Watts Rowland (1821-1910) Margaret’s half-sister who lived in Cass Co., Missouri.
5. Clayton Bane (1823-?) of Mt. Pleasant, Cass Co., Missouri
Martha J. Moore Yocum Bane (1826-?), the widow of Margaret’s half brother Matthew Yocum (1826-before 1850) and the wife of Clayton Bane.
Upton Hays
8. Pottawattamie Indian Reservation, now in Jackson Co., Kansas. The Pottawattamie Indians are of Algonquin stock and lived orginally on the shores of Lake Michigan.
9. Phebe Stevens Hays (1791-?) was the wife of William Hays, Jr. (1780-1845), Upton’s uncle.
Wade Hays (1828-?) Phebe's son, was a stockman in Lafayette, Contra Costa Co., California
Richard Hays (1831-?) Phebe’s son. His wife was Elizabeth Scholl, also a cousin of Upton’s.
12. Wade’s wife Mary S. (1836-?) was born in Missouri.
James B. Yager
Mary J. Berry Yager
15. Council Grove. This was the first main stop going west across the plains from Missouri. It was about 100 miles southwest of Westport, Missouri.
16. John Wells Johnson (1803-1855) the husband of Nancy Berry, Elizabeth Watts'sister.
17. Katherine Stallcup Majors (1820-1856) the wife of Alexander Jackson Majors, Missouri freighter and founder of the Pony Express.
18. Probably Eliza Wells Berry (1818-?), the wife of Samuel H. Berry, Margaret’s uncle of Fulton, Callaway Co., Missouri in 1860.
Possibly Morris A. Hardin who is listed in the 1860 Callaway Co., Missouri Slave Schedule as a free Negro.
20. Dr. Kerr
Upton Hays
22. Westport, Jackson Co., Missouri. Founded in 1831 by a Baptist missionary, Isaac McCoy. A Post office was established in 1834 and the town was incorporated in 1857. It was annexed to Kansas City in 1987. All three of the western trails, the California, Oregon and Santa Fe Trails passed through Westport. The reason the trails ran through Westport, rather than Independence, was that the trails wouldn’t have to cross the Blue River, a difficult crossing for wagon trains.
23. Andrew Jackson Watts

24. John Nathan Hays

Letter 5
25. This letter from Margaret Hays to Upton Hays was dated from the context. It was written before the birth of her second child 24 August 1856
26. Possibly Barba Collins (1794-?) who was the husband of Serrelda Hays (1816-1879), Upton’s sister.
27. Cholera
28. Linville Hays
29. Amazon Hays
30. Amazon and Mary J. Berry Hays
31. Probably Ambrose Flournoy (1832-?) the son of Lawrence and Agnes Flournoy who lived near the Hays family.

Letter 6
32. Frank Thomas, a partner Upton’s cattle business.
33. George Bryant (1830-?) was a friend and business associate of Upton Hays. He was married to Elizabeth Ann Lobb (1840-?) who was a niece of Margaret’s Uncle James B. Yager and Margaret's 2nd cousin 1 time removed.
34. John Ferril/ Ferrell (1830-?) a son of Joseph C. and Nancy Ferrell who had been neighbors of the Watts family in Cass Co., Missouri
35. Probably Mary Ann Bryant (1829-?), George Bryant’s sister. John M. P. Ferrell married Mary A. Briant in Cass Co., MO in 1855.
36. Clayton Bane
37. George Washington Rowland, Sister Letty's husband.
38. Mary Fuqua Vaughn (1818-?) and her husband Josiah Vaughn lived in Santa Fe, Jackson Co., Missouri.
39. Mary J. Berry Yager
40. Mary Rachel Yager (1844- after 1880)
41. Margaret also attended the School at Chaple Hill in about 1850.
42. Callaway Co., Missouri
43. Caleb Berry (1831-?).
44. John D. Berry
45. Letty S. Watts Rowland
46. Laurinda W. Holloway Hays (1827-1890), Linville’s wife.
47. Mary Elizabeth Hays (1856-1944), Margaret’s second child. Called Betty by her family, she kept this collection of her mother’s letters together and wanted to see them published.
48. John Nathan Hays
49. childhood asthma
50. The Pro-slavery Missourians who went into Kansas Territory to harass the abolitionists and vote in the elections were called Border Ruffians.
51. Rebecca Berry Hays (1828-1873) wife of Upton’s brother, Samuel Hays and a cousin of Margaret.
52. Mary B. Berry (1823-1901) the wife of Upton’s brother Amazon Hays and a cousin of Margaret.
53. Rebecca Lauraina Majors (1836-1915) was married to Samuel Poteet. Their first three children were William A., John F. and Charlie Poteet.
54. James C. Lobb (1835-?), nephew of James B. Yager and a 2nd cousin 1 time removed of Margaret.
55. This African-American family belonged to Elizabeth Watts and her son Andrew Jackson Watts and were left with Margaret and Upton when Elizabeth Watts left for California in 1852.
56. Reason (1846-?), a slave.
57. Edward Turner Noland (1807-1863)
58. 1850 Slave Schedule, Washington Twsp., Jackson Co., MO Edward Noland, 1 slave age 19 Black male, 1860 Slave Schedule, Independence, Jackson Co., MO Edward T. Noland 1 slave age 15 Black male
59. Harrison (1855-?), a slave.
60. Andy (1842- ?), a slave.
61. Peter Louis Utz (1831-1915) . He stayed with the Hays family throughout the Civil War years . He later lived with various Hays relatives in Tulare Co., California and married Upton’s niece, Mary Agnes McMurtry in 1894.

Letter 7
62. This letter by Margaret Watts was dated by context. Margaret’s father’s brother William Russell Watts married Martha Ann Burns Wilham and their first child was born in September 1856. Also Upton has returned from Texas, where he was when the previous letter was written.
63. prairie
64. John Bunyan Rowland (1841-1919) and Mary Josephine Rowland (1844-1884), children of George W. and Letty Rowland.
65. Travis T. Yocum (1844-1861) and Matthew Berry Yocum (1847-after 1920), children of Martha Moore and Matthew Yocum. Matthew was Margaret's half-brother.
66. 3 ibid.
67. Clayton Bane, the second husband of Martha J. Moore Yocum.
68. prairie
69. Dr. Pleasant John Graves Lea (1807-1860’s) of Big Cedar, Jackson Co., Missouri.
70. prairie
71. William Bryant (1795-1861) of Washington Township, Jackson Co., Missouri.
72. Chapman Bryant (1827-?), his wife was Susannah Guthrie Moore (1833-?), a sister of Martha J. Moore Yocum Bane.
73. Mahala Foster (1806-1866) and Charles Duncan (1790-1860/66) of Mt. Pleasant, Cass Co., Missouri.
74. Mariah Duncan Browning
75. Richard D. Berry (1809-1863) and Amanda Berry Buckley (1826-about 1855) were children of Margaret’s great-uncle Edward Berry. Amanda married Harrison W. Buckley (1820-?) and their children were Joseph (1846), Mary A. (1850), Susan (1853), and Richard (1855). They lived in Cass Co., Missouri.
76. Kansas Territory.

Letter 8
77. William Russell Watts (1789-1875) of Washington Co., Kentucky. John S. Watts’ brother, he married Jane Schooling (1797-1855), a sister of John’s first wife Mary Schooling. William’s second wife was Martha Ann Burns Wilham (1822-1905).
78. Josiah and Mary Fuqua Vaughn of New Santa Fe, Jackson Co., Missouri.
79. The Archibald Bolan or Bowlar (1804-?) family. Their daughter Jane was married to Margaret’s half-brother, Jesse Yocum (1818- before 1854). They lived in New Santa Fe, Jackson Co., Missouri.
80. Dr. Micajah and Emily Pendleton, cousins of Margaret’s mother.
81. Jane Bowlar (or Bolan) Yocum Young (1827-before 1880)
82. William J. Yocum (1849-?), Jane and Jesse Yocum’s son, Margaret's nephew.
83. Thomas A. Yocum (1840-1861), Margaret’s nephew, probably a son of Jesse Yocum. He seems to be living with the Bowlar family in the 1850’s, his mother is unknown.
84. Probably Mrs. Jane Ewing (1822-?) the wife of F. Y. Ewing of Westport.
85. Alexander Jackson Majors’ family.
86. Elizabeth Hunter/ Hulse Scholl (1801-1880), probably Upton’s aunt, the widow of his mother’s brother, Peter Morgan Scholl (1799-about 1828).
87. Mary B. Berry Hays, Amazon’s wife.

88. James F. Berry (1838-1870)
89. Virginia Fulkerson Berry

Letter 9
90. Kansas Abolitionists or Free Staters, many were from the northeast United States.
91. acres
92. Cass Co., Missouri
James Hamilton (1818-?), a merchant, probably a son of Charles Hamilton of Jackson Co., MO
94. heifers – young cows
95. A story about Upton Hays relates that when he was 12 years old his family decided that he needed some schooling. He attended for about 1 week but left when he was hired to lead a wagon train to Santa Fe.
96. Richard Samuel Kimberlin (1809-1862) was married to John S. Watts niece, Elizabeth Dickerson (1814-1895). He had recently moved from Kentucky to Missouri.
97. Johnson Co., Missouri
98. Nancy Jane Watts Dickerson (1779-?) the widow of Beverly James Dickerson (1771-1849) , Margaret’s aunt.
99. Travis T. Yocum
100. Matthew Berry Yocum, Jr. (1847-about 1920)
101. Clayton Bane
102. James Samuel Berry (1840-1816) and John Edward Berry (1842-1936) sons of Richard C. Berry by his first wife Mary Elizabeth Watts (1823-1845)
103. Richard C. Berry (1810-1878)
104. Mary J. Berry Yager
105. Nancy Berry Johnson (1797-1877), the widow of John Wells Johnson.
Margaret Mitchell Berry Dunhan (1805-?) the wife of Joseph Dunham.
107. Edith Doss Moore (1806-1877). She and her husband, Travis G. Moore (1800-?) were maternal grandparents of Travis and Berry Yocum, Margaret’s nephews.
108. John Jasper Moore (1837-?)
109. Sarah Drucilla Moore (1832-1913) was married to Percy Newton Grinter (1820-1913). They had two boys, P.H. Grinter (1850-1952) and John Lacitus Grinter (1855-1877)
110. Susannah Guthrie Moore (1833-?) was married to Chapman Bryant.
111. America Daniel Moore (1835-?) was married to James Adam Burney (1826-?).

In 1857 they had two children, Charles F. (1853) and James (1855).
112. Mary Ann Moore (1838-?) was married to William Oldham and the child was Jasper N. Oldham (1855)
113. Mariah C. Duncan (1836-?) was married to George W. Browning (1835-?). One of the children was Charles R. Browning (1856)
114. Dorcas Selecman was probably Dorcas Duncan (1820-?) married to George W. Selecman. The children were Henry (1852), Charles (1855) and a girl, M. C. Selecman (1857)
115. Probably Mahala Foster Duncan (1806-1866), wife of Charles Duncan, and former neighbor of Elizabeth Watts in Cass Co., Missouri.
116. Ellen
117. Rebecca Duncan (?) (1837-?) was married to Samuel Poteet (1827-?). The children were William (1855), John (1856), and Charles (1857) Poteet.
118. Richard Francis "Dick" Yager (1839-1864), Margaret's cousin.

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