Footnotes for Letters 25 - 28: 1860 - January 1861 Revised 6/2006

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Letter 25

1. Dewitt Clinton Watts (1829-?)
2. Miniature - Small photograph
3. A family story relates that about this time one of Upton’s wagon trains was attacked and plundered by a group of Jennison’s Jayhawkers.
4. Henry Childs (Chiles) (1825-?) was a freighter in New Santa Fe, Jackson Co., Missouri.
5. James T. Bartleson (1834-?) a well-to-do farmer of New Santa Fe, Jackson Co., Missouri
Probably James B. Yager
7. Amazon Hays, Upton’s brother.
8. William Russell Watts, Jr., (1836-1925) Margaret’s cousin.
9. James C. Lobb (1835-1908), a nephew of James B. Yager.
10. Dewitt Clinton Watts
11. Prairie
12. Cass Co., Missouri
13. Kansas Territory
14. Frank Thomas had gone to California. He was looking for the cattle that he and Upton had sold to a Mr. Hardin.
15. Hardin
Mary Josephine Rowland Margaret’s niece.
17. Margaret Ann Rowland (1848-1874)
18. James Samuel and John Edward Berry. Jimmy Berry was 19 years old at this time.

Letter 26
Mariposa, Mariposa Co., California
20. John S. Watts. He died on the 26th of August, 1860, shortly after this letter was written.

21. Elizabeth E. Watts was 64 year old at this time.
Cleon Bolivar Watts and Andrew Jackson Watts
The Watts Ranch was in the area called Pea Ridge, south of the town of Mariposa.
This is probably Dewitt C. Watts’ family.
Rev. Cornelius Yager (1811-1895) was James B. Yager’s brother and Elizabeth Watts’ brother-in-law.
Probably the William and Mary Head Berry Mitchell family. Mary was a cousin of Elizabeth Watts.
27. Rev. Yager lived with his daughter, Sarah Caldwell and her family in Antioch, Contra Costa Co., California and the Mitchell’s lived about 20 miles east, near Lafayette, Alameda Co., California.

28. Yosemite
29. Eliza Dickerson was probably a daughter of John S. Watts
30. kiss. In that era the letters ss were writen fs.
31. Elizabeth Ewing Berry Yocum Watts (1795-1877)
32. The slaves Margaret and her mother write about originally belonged to Elizabeth’s sons, Matthew, Jesse and Berry R. Yocum. The Yocum sons had all died in Missouri before 1852 and their slaves were inherited by several Yocum and Watts relatives. Margaret and Upton seem to have acquired most of these slaves when her mother and brother, Andrew Jackson Watts left for California in 1852.

Letter 27
33. Richard D. and Elizabeth Berry
34. William W. and Jane Bowlar Yocum Young
Clayton and Martha Moore Yocum Bane
36. William and Elizabeth Bryant
37. George W. and Letty Watts Rowland
38. Herralson or Heralson, former neighbors of the Watts in Missouri.
39. New Bent’s Fort was on the Arkansas River in present day southeastern Colorado.
40. Rebecca Berry Hays. The child was Amazon Scholl Hays born 6 March 1860.
41. Mary B. Berry Hays. The child was Boone Hays.
42. Laurinda Holloway Hays. The son may not have survived as he is not listed in the genealogies.
43. Linville Hays
44. David McMurtry (1829-?) was the husband of Mariam Hays, Upton’s sister.
45. Armstead Hughes (1823-1859) husband of Upton’s sister, Mary Boone Hays.
. Mary Boone Hays Hughes (1829-1872), Upton’s sister, the widow of Armistead Hughes who lived in Callaway Co., Missouri.
47. Possibly Jane Hamilton (1793-1860), the wife of Charles Hamilton (1787-1881) whose daughter married Richard C. Berry, Elizabeth Watt’s brother.

Letter 28
48. Pacheco, Contra Costa Co., California
Dewitt C. Watts
50. William Lobb Yager (1840-?)
Esmeralda, Nevada., Rev. Yager went to the Nevada mines to establish a church after this letter was written.
Margaret Jane Watts Hays in Missouri.
Mariposa, California. Rev. Yager preached a funeral oration for John S. Watts in December, 1860.
54. Possibly E. S. and Elira Terry who operated a livery stable in Mariposa in 1860.
55. Rev. Cornelius (Nely) Yager (1811-1895). He was a cousin of Elizabeth Watts and also a brother of James B. Yager who was married to Elizabeth Watt’s sister Mary. He was a popular Cumberland Presbyterian Minister who brought his family from Missouri to California in about 1849. (ref:

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