Footnotes for Letters 10 - 15: 1858 Revised 6/2006

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Letter 10

1. Note: This letter was dated by context. It was written before the birth of Margaret’s third child, Elfleda, who was          born 15 September 1858.
2. Callaway, Co., Missouri
3. prairie
New Mexico Territory
5. pneumonia
The area around Mt. Pleasant, Cass Co., Missouri where the Watts family lived from about 1839 to 1852.
7. Mary Cummins (1841-1858) probably the daughter of John and Henrietta Cummins, former neighbors of the Watts in      Cass Co., Missouri.
8. Uricin A. Alderson. He married Mary Cummins 11 January 1855 in Cass Co., Missouri.
9. Mary Hamilton (1827-?) a daughter of Charles and Jane Hamilton of Cass Co., Missouri. Her sister Rachel was married      to Margaret’s uncle Richard C. Berry.
10. George Rowland (1816-1872) Margaret's brother-in-law.
11. Jane Bolar/Bowlen Yocum, widow of Margaret’s half-brother, Jesse Yocum.
12. William W. Young (1823-?)
13. Probably Solomon Young (1815-?), a freighter. He and his family lived near the Hays' in Jackson Co., Missouri.
14. Laurinda W. Holloway Hays (1827-1890). Upton's sister-in-law, married to Linville Hays.
Eugene Hays (1858-?)
16. Mary B. Berry Hays (1823-1901), a daughter of Margaret's Uncle Caleb Berry, married to Amazon Hays,        Upton's brother.   
17. Laurinda
18. Amazon Hays (1820-after 1880) Upton's brother.
Samuel Hays (1824-1872) Upton's brother.
20. Henry, a slave, had originally belonged to Elizabeth Watts’ son Berry R. Yocum. He died in about 1844 and Henry, and another slave, Ben were inherited by Elizabeth Watt’s family. Henry and Ben were left with Upton Hays when Elizabeth left for California in 1852.
21. Judge James B. Yager (1809-1883) married to Margaret's Aunt Mary J. Berry and a distant cousin. He served on the Jackson county, Missouri Court and in 1858 was elected to the Missouri State Legislature. He and his family lived near the Hays' family.
22. right

Letter 11
23. Note: This letter by Margaret Hays is dated by context. It is before the birth of her third child, Elfleda and refers to events in the previous letter.
24. Richard C. Berry (1810-1878) and his second wife , Rebecca Hamilton (1813-1900). The three children were Robert Hugh Berry (1852-1928), Mary Jane Berry (1855-1905) and Charles Richard Berry (1858-?)
25. James Samuel Berry (1840-1916) and John Edward Berry (1842-1936) were Richard C. Berry’s sons by his first wife, Mary Elizabeth Watts, Margaret's half-sister.
Jane Bowlar/BolanYocum Young
27. James B. Yager
28. Mary J. Berry Yager (1812-1883)
Mary Rachel Yager (1840-after 1880)
30. Richard Francis Yager (1839-1864)
Louisa Catherine Yager (1849-after 1930)
Amazon and Linville Hays
33. Rebecca Berry Hays (1828-1873), wife of Samuel Hays. Margaret's cousin, daughter of Uncle Caleb Berry.
34. Elinor Hays (1858-?)
35. foreign

Letter 12
36. Upton Hays
37. Foglesong- George A. Fogelsong (1824-?) was a Westport merchant.
38. A scythe with a wooden or metal frame (cradle) to catch the grain stalks as they were cut. A cradler could cut 2 acres of wheat per day.
Mowing machines, such as Ketchum ‘s Mowing Machine were drawn by horses.
40. Possibly a relative of James B. Yager who's mother was Rachel Brumfield.
41. Peter Louis Utz (1831-1915), who worked for Upton Hays on the farm.
42. Probably Mary Cunningham

Letter 12a

42a. Upton Hays. William Clarke Quantrill was also with Upton Hay on the trip to Salt Lake City, Utah.

42b. James F. Berry (1838-1877), a son of Margaret’s uncle Caleb Ewing Berry.

42c. Mary J.. Berry Yager

42d. Margaret Mitchell Berry Dunham

42e. Leavenworth, Kansas

42f. Richard D. Berry

42g. Probably Susannah Guthrie Moore Bryant (1833-?), the wife of Chapman Bryant and a childhood friend of Margaret’s.

42h. (Mary) Ann Bryant Ferrel (1830-?). She was alive in 1860.

42i. Pregnancy was often referred to as an illness by women of this generation. Ann Ferrel had a child in about 1858.

42j. Margaret was pregnant and gave birth to a daughter two weeks later.

Letter 13
43. asthma
44. malaria
45. Elfleda Hays (1858-1943)
Mary Cunningham
47. Lobb. Margaret’s Uncle James B. Yager’s sister, Mary Ellen Yager (1818-1880) married Jaquiline Amber Lobb (1806-1884). The family lived in Blue Township, Jackson Co., Missouri, near the Yager’s.
48. Margaret Galbreath Berry (1813-?), widow of Uncle John Berry.
The Butterfield Overland Mail and stagecoach line to California was started in September, 1858. The cost was $200 or 15 cents a mile from St. Louis, Missouri to San Francisco, California.

Letter 14
50. Pike’s Peak, Kansas Territory (now Colorado). The gold was discovered at Cherry Creek, and in 1858 people from Kansas and Missouri went to the area. The main rush of people to the diggin’s began in 1859.
51. Margaret Galbreath Berry lived in Osage Co., Missouri.
52. George W. Bryant (Briant) (1830-?) and Elizabeth Ann Lobb (1840-?) were married 6 Oct 1858.
53. Mary Ellen Yager Lobb (1818-1880), James B. Yager’s sister was a cousin through her grandmother Johanna Berry who was Margaret’s great-aunt.

Letter 15
54. Eliza Dickerson (1813- after 1900) lived in Howard Co., Missouri with her husband William R. Dickerson (1806-?) and their sons. She seems to have been a daughter of John S. Watts.
55. Richard Samuel Kimberlin (1809-1862) was married to Elizabeth Dickerson (1814-1895), a daughter of John S. Watts’ sister Nancy Jane Watts (1779-?) and Beverly James Dickerson (1771-1849)
56. Texas Fever, also called Cattle Tick Fever, was endemic in Texas, but movement of herds of cattle lead to an epidemic of the disease in cattle in Missouri in 1858. It is caused by a parasitic protozoan, Babesia bigemina. It is transmitted by cattle ticks and causes anemia, emaciation and high fever in the cows.
57. William W. Young
58. Richard C. Berry
59. James Samuel Berry, Uncle Dick’s son.
60. Amazon and Mary B. Berry Hays
61. Callaway Co., Missouri
62. William Russell Watts (1789-1875), Margaret's uncle who lived in Washington Co., Kentucky.
63. John Yocum (Yoakum) (1805-?) was a brother of Elizabeth Watts’ first husband, Thomas C. Yocum (1793-1833). His family lived in Washington Co., Kentucky.
64. Thomas C. Yocum (1831-?), Margaret's  cousin.
Springfield, Kentucky

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